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Happy New Year

So here we are, in 2022.  I know a lot of people are glad to be done with 2020… and 2021. But let’s be honest, if you weren’t able to… Read More »Happy New Year

Hold The Line

This may be a strange thing to say (actually, it’s not), but it would seem that the time has come to hold the line. Stand your ground. I’ve tried to… Read More »Hold The Line

Men Have Lost The Plot

I’m part of an online group of men that I pay to be in. It’s really targeted around personal development, physical fitness, and online business (as a quick and mediocre… Read More »Men Have Lost The…

The Bookshelf

Books are extremely important to your personal growth. There’s more to it than just reading, of course, but ignore the wealth of knowledge that’s out there at your peril. This page will contain recommended books as well as links to those that have been reviewed. 


Of course there’s more to it than just books… The Resources page will contain links to websites, blogs, and other useful resources to help you out.