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What’s coming…

This short post will serve to set the stage for what’s coming up here at Bringing Men Up.

Society is broken.

Actually, that’s probably an understatement.

Society is a disaster.

The values that you hold most dear are directly under attack.

But what can we do about it? Politicians don’t care about you. Big corporations don’t care about you.

You can protest or boycott, but those actions are one step above meaningless.


You can’t influence these massive machines that have been slowly grinding a path to your destruction for decades by marching in protest or keeping a few bucks in your pocket (dollars that are meaningless to them, because the companies are too big to fail or bankrolled by entities far richer and more powerful).

Some people talk a big game about revolution, but violence is not the answer.

Sound hopeless? Good news… It’s not.

It’s true that you have no control over the institutions that seem to run our society.

But this is not black-pilled hopelessness.

There is an answer, and that answer is something that is likely very dear to you.

Your family. Your household.

The family is under attack. Marriage is under attack. Manhood is under attack. God is under attack.

Schools try to brainwash your children. Media of all types exist to brainwash your whole family.

But the only values that can come into your home are the ones you allow.

You want to fight back against the machine?

It starts with you and your family.

Your family is your legacy.

You shape the future by the way you live out your present.

It all starts with YOU.

And it starts with you and you relationship to God. Your relationship to yourself. Your relationship to your wife. Your relationship to your children.

How are those relationships?

Something to reflect on until next time.