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Hold The Line

This may be a strange thing to say (actually, it’s not), but it would seem that the time has come to hold the line.

Stand your ground.

I’ve tried to avoid getting too extreme over this, and hopefully this doesn’t cross the line either but you have to realize something…

If you continue to “go along to get along” or just make a small concession for the sake of your comfort, you’re making things worse.

At this point, you have to realize (unless you are willfully blind or mentally deficient) that “just wearing the mask and staying home for a couple of weeks” has turned into almost 2 years of non-stop nonsense.

Constant changing of the rules, moving of the goalposts, and repeated lies from the media about the whole situation, including the efficacy of masks, the efficacy of experimental medical procedures, and blatantly hypocrisy from the people making the rules, should be enough to show you that following the rules isn’t going to make this go away.

Now we’re allowed ourselves to be put in the position where the government is perfectly comfortable making a push to mandate that every single American should get a specific “vaccine” in order to remain a part of society.

(Of course, THEY aren’t mandated to do it, but that’s a different story).

This has hit very close to home for me because I’m facing mandates on two fronts (my temporary job and my reserve military role).

Why not just get the jab and be done with it?

I’ll admit that there was a very brief period where I considered this.

Thankfully it was very brief.

If you take just a few minutes to research this “vaccine” using something other than Google (which will filter your search results to match a narrative), or step away from the major networks (which are all kept afloat by Pfizer), you’ll see that there is a lot of information you;’e not getting about the vaccine.

Like the legal manipulation used to get the drug authorized while still protecting the companies from liability…

Or the adverse reactions to the shot that are ignored, or blamed on some other cause…

[Sidebar: it’s ironic that every death could easily and unquestionably be attributed to a certain disease, but a huge burden of proof is out on adverse “vaccine” reactions. Makes you wonder.]

Here’s an extremely interesting video I found of an Army doctor sharing her thoughts on the shot:

But if there was anything that really drove home the astonishing levels of lying, corruption, and blatant evil that characterize this whole issue, it was this podcast from Dr. Mercola:

It’s over an hour long, but it’s essential information.

You really need to hear it.

ADDED 11-10-21

Here’s another one. Of course, you need to watch the whole thing…

But there’s something interesting for the military folks at around 31:00.

What to do, what to do?

Again, if people still think this is somehow about health, and the loving government and charitable pharmaceutical company are coming together for the good of the people… I’m not even sure what to say.

It has to be willful ignorance.

But at the same time, it’s hard to blame some of them.

They just want to get along.

And the easy way to get along, BY FAR, is to just shut up and get the shot (which I think might be the military’s new motto…)

However, if you’ve held out this long, trying to figure out what to do… It’s your time.

I think that people are drastically overstating the numbers of those who are vaccinated, for propaganda purposes.

Feeling in the minority can automatically make those of weaker constitution give in.

The other propaganda purpose is to attempt to instill a sense of hopelessness in those with stronger wills.

This looks like people saying stuff like, “Oh, they’ll probably just disapprove all the religious exemptions.”

(In case you were wondering, I’ve actually heard this one personally.)

But there is still hope.

I heard someone in a leadership position in the military recently say something along the lines of:

“Well, if enough people decide not to get the vaccine, they might have to reconsider. But if it’s just a fraction of a percentage of the force, they’re going to get rolled over.”

That’s not a direct quote of course, but a paraphrase.

And “rolled over”, of course, means “kicked out.”

But even in that thought, there’s a lot of hope.

But only if you hold the line.

You can choose to hold the line like the pilots at Southwest and American did recently. (Admittedly, all the mainstream media says the flight cancellations had nothing to do with a walkout over the vaccine mandate. Make of that what you will…)

Or you could hold the line like the mystery employees at P&G:

Now, I made the horrific mistake of reading some replies, and the first one said, “So are we saying that we don’t think an Employer should be able to dictate the conditions of employment?”

All of a sudden workers aren’t important and it’s the company that matters more.

Funny how opinions on that shift depending on the issue, sort of like “my body, my choice.”

Ah well, it’s a fool’s errand to expect politically motivated people to acually be consistent, seeing as thier opinions are 100% ideological, but only in a way that aligns exactly with what they want.

But I digress.

Here’s the thing…

If enough people have to courage to push back against nonsense mask mandates and tyrannical vaccine mandates, good things can happen.

Your courage gives other people courage.

It allows them to see that they aren’t alone, and that things arent as bad as the media might be making it look (by lying).

Now, I’m not gonna lie… They’re going to turn the heat up on you.

You might get assigned punitive tasks.

You might be singled out for ridicule in the hopes that you’ll cave.

There’s a chance that you’ll actually lose your job.

No one said holding the line would be fun or easy.

But someone has to stand up.

It might as well be you.

I don’t think it’s difficult at all to make the case that Christians can refuse the shot if they so choose (and I wrote a little about how to go about it).

And don’t let the folks who quote Romans 13 get you down.

I see where they’re coming from, but somehow, I don’t think that was a blanket order to do everything the government tells you, regardless of what it is.

It’s not an order to be a slave, though some people use it as such, particularly when they want to avoid conflict.

It’s a cowardly stance.

When submission to God brings you into conflict with submission to the earthly (though no less God-ordained) government, to whom do you ultimately submit?

Shallow thinking Christians would have you believe that you should just do what the government says.

But we all see this in different ways, so ultimately, I have to leave it to you.

There’s always a caveat!

In no way is this a call to any sort of violent resistance.

That’s a foolish thing to even think about.

It also makes you easier to dismiss as crazy.


Don’t give them that.

State your reasons, and calmly decline. tobe a part of this particular medical experiment.

You are not alone.

Stand up and I bet there will be others to stand with you.

Hold the line.

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